Jenn Grant (N.S.)


With her dreamy voice woven into lush, layered recordings, Jenn Grant’s lyrical folk-to-pop sound is soothing and sumptuous. An award-winning singer-songwriter, painter and producer, Jenn spent more than a decade writing music, releasing records and touring the world before focusing her energies closer to home during the pandemic.

Born in PEI and raised in Halifax, Jenn and her husband, producer and collaborator Daniel Ledwell, spent their lockdown months alternately cocooned at home with their two young boys and recording her holiday album, Forever on Christmas Eve.

Raven is the light, pop-driven lead track on her 2019 release Love, Inevitable, described by Spill magazine as “a beautiful album that showcases Grant’s smooth and nuanced voice, while highlighting her love of nature, and the struggles of life.”

Jenn Grant - Raven (N.S.)
Chloé Breault