Chloé Breault (N.B.)


Love, Francophone artist Chloé Breault’s debut EP, showcases her bright, clear vocals over powerful beats and light folk harmonies. After three years touring and charting, her 2020 full-length album, Plage des Morons, aims to repeat the popularity of Love and its Music New Brunswick’s Recording of the Year award.

A figure in the world of Acadian pop music since 2014, Chloé’s songwriting conveys the depth of her growing maturity and the lightness in her heart. With hints of the groovy disco sounds from her work with trio BAIE, Chloé’s solo album keeps your head nodding—and, at times, your heart pumping.

Chloé Breault - Love (N.B.)
Photograph of singer/songwriter Jenn GrantPhotograph of Rachel Beck