Rob Dickson (YT)

“Try Again”

Based in Whitehorse, nestled in the sprawling landscape of the Yukon, Rob Dickson is a singer-songwriter, a husband, and a father. Through an autobiographical lens, Dickson reveals himself with a sound that is both raw and modest, inviting reflection on the human condition, inviting us to consider the people we become as we grow up.

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Digawolf (NWT)

“Great Northern Man”

Digawolf is a critically acclaimed Tlicho and English language band from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Their unique brand of alternative rock bridges the gap between modernity and tradition, redefining aboriginal music for modern audiences. The lyrics are filled with a respect for language, culture and lives lived; they speak a universal truth of the importance of remembering where you come from, and who you are.

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The Jerry Cans (NU)

“Northern Lights”

The Jerry Cans, create music inspired by their hometown of Iqaluit, Nunavut. With their unique mix of Inuktitut alt-country, throat singing, and reggae, the Jerry Cans are a distinctly northern, one-of-a-kind group. The band perform many of their songs in Inuktitut and are passionate about preserving the language even as the north and their home community of Iqaluit evolve. This truly unique band will take you on a stroll through the streets of Iqaluit to share a glimpse of life in Arctic.

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Desirée Dawson (BC)

“Without Your Love”

Desirée Dawson is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver BC. Desirée states “ I am in love with emotions! I love reading people, and places and living new experiences for myself and then writing about it all.” When she is not playing her Ukulele, Piano, or singing, you can find her blissfully twisted in yoga or teaching live music yoga!

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The Royal Foundry (AB)

“All We Have”

The Royal Foundry came together through the marriage of Bethany Schumacher and Jared Salte. What started as a folk duo quickly evolved into a full throttle Alt-Pop quartet. Both Jared and Bethany were born and raised amongst the beautiful Prairie-Skies of Alberta, Canada. Jared and Bethany Salte had no intentions of starting the Electro-Alt-Pop Band that is now The Royal Foundry; but after the release of “All We Have” received international exposure through the John Lennon Songwriting Competition and ABC’s Rookie Blue they knew they had discovered something special.

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Megan Nash ft. Bears in Hazenmore (SK)


A native of rural Saskatchewan lyrically draws from several recent life-changing experiences while venturing into new, anthemic sonic territory. Nash, grew up on a farm, something she believes helps instill a work/lifestyle balance suited to being an independent musician. As an artistic statement, her music displays the full range of Nash’s talents as a root-based songwriter, vocalist and producer—the culmination of one stage of her journey while simultaneously beginning the next.

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Begonia (MB)


The Begonia can be a dark, grievous, rough around the edges and on the other end, a petite and elegant flower. It is in this same vein that Begonia (Alexa Dirks) finds herself, trying to find a balance.

Dirks has a timbre that recalls the golden age of soul, proud and courageous but still returns to the ground, finding a quietness, a hesitant intimacy. The music showcases the extremes of Dirks’ past and present coalesce into a sound that is both battle hymn and breakbeat body mover, incorporating themes which are confident in and of themselves, and yet sometimes caught in the middle.

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Partner (ON)

“Comfort Zone”

Partner hinges on the relationship between Josée Caron and Lucy Niles, two lesbian musicians who grew up in small town Canada. Borne of their unique and irreplaceable friendship, Partner boldly goes where few have even desired to go the pair developed a fetish for cold truth and hard riffs. Slightly gawky, nerdish songwriting allied to huge, domineering riffage, Partner make for a contradictory yet addictive experience. They are an incredibly special pair who bring light to the genre and pack a punch, joining them in their live performances are Daniel Legere, Kevin Brasier and Brendan Allison.

Globe and Mail has called them the “best new band in Canada”.

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Behind the stage name, KROY is Camille Poliquin, born and raised in Montréal. This singer/songwriter draws from influences from both trip-hop and modern pop, KROY’s musical landscape a captivating universe of hypnotic rhythms and analog synthesizers. Her atypical adolescence carried over into her songwriting, which is dominated by stories of impossible love. Though these sombre tales were initially fabricated, many of them materialized in Camille’s life over the years, throwing the singer-songwriter into a state of inspired melancholy producing personal music that also reflects her bold and brilliant pop explorations.

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Tomato/Tomato (NB)

“Ain’t Dead Yet”

Don’t let the name fool you, Tomato/Tomato is not your garden variety duo. John and Lisa craft clever and quirky songs that draw on traditional Folk, Bluegrass, Blues and Swing with their own interesting twist. Lisa performs on an old washboard rigged up with tin cans and a cymbal while simultaneously playing bass and snare drums with her feet. She truly takes multi-tasking to a new level! Tight harmonies, old-timey guitar, and Lisa’a up-cycled percussion create an unmistakable sound that is unique, refreshing and fun. Really, really fun! Their music combines years of study with the everyday ebb and flow of life on the East Coast of Canada.

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Port Cities (NS)

“Back to the Bottom”

A collaboration of acclaimed Nova Scotian singer/songwriters Carleton Stone, Dylan Guthro, and Breagh McKinnon, Port Cities’s music has unapologetically honest lyrics, smooth three-part harmonies, yet also has a comforting sound that reminds you of your own experiences in life. Their music will keep you dancing on your feet and swaying to the sounds that comes from this talented trio.  Much like their namesake, Port Cities’ sound is a melting pot, a brilliant blend of country, rock, folk, R&B, and pop influences.

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Sorrey (PEI)

“Slow Chunk”

Charlottetown’s dreamy, smooth indie-pop band Sorrey delivers an unapologetic reminder of how the heart pulses strongly during our fading romances. Vocalist and guitarist Emilee Sorrey’s direct-to-the-heart lyricism never loses its conviction. The band layers’ analog synthesizers, nylon-string guitars and vintage drum machines, all borrowed from sentimental 80’s records, to cultivate a sound that is uniquely stylish and contemporary.

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Kat McLevey (NL)

“The Great Unweight”

Since entering the vibrant music scene in her hometown of St. John’s in 2012, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Kat McLevey has become one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most prestigious singer/songwriters. This thoughtful young writer has poise and self-awareness beyond her years which delivers a sophisticated, spare, highly controlled and moody sound that leaves a mark on its listeners. Her writing, musicianship, and all-around creativity will capture your admiration.

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