Biawanna, Sammi Morelli and INJA (B.C.)

Quarantine BB

A collaboration spurred by the loneliness of early-pandemic lockdowns, the indie-pop Quarantine BB is the work of British Columbians Biawanna, Sammi Morelli and INJA. Its simple, sensual lyrics mixed with sparse synth waves of sound create a seductive track that found its groove in a summer of isolation.

Biawanna is a vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, performing since the age of 7. Sammi Morelli, who released her debut album at only 13, was awarded vocalist of the year at the 8th annual Niagara Music Awards. And INJA, also a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, produces music in his home studio The Dojo.

Biawanna, Sammi Morelli and INJA - Quarantine BB (B.C.)
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